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HelpDesk/ Ticket Support

What is Helpdesk?

Manage your business processes faster and easier with Ticket software
Provides business efficiency by providing on-the-job tracking and management
Takes a step forward in teamwork through the removing of telephone and mail traffic from within the company
YDetailed reporting on work done and technical support processes
Company employees can send requests to the support team with a snapshot of the content of the request via an easy-to-use interface
The technical support team can also track prior work
It is much easier to reach the problem, as the user requesting support can easily access recently used programs, reports, inventory, network traffic and website usage reports.

It makes it easy to communicate problems faced by computer users within the organization to IT staff, allowing you to save both time and maximize performance.

Quick Support: A special record is opened for each notification, the staff responsible for the notification can be selected and this record can be optionally labeled. When notifications are modified, messages are sent to all of the users concerned. Users can search previous entries.

This will prevent the re-registering of previously resolved issues. In addition, frequently asked questions can be specifically marked and institutional storage can be created.

The Help Desk includes rich reporting features.

It is possible to get a lot of statistical reports, such as the average wait time for a request, who requests the most help, and who helps the most