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DeskGate Remote Desktop & IT Management System
Host It At Your Own Office

Host your DeskGate server on your own servers. The most important advantages of having a DeskGate server on your servers are that you can work in a closed loop and be able to intervene anytime you want.

DeskGate Remote Connection - What is IT Management?
It comes with many features such as:

Central server system
Multiple point management
Remote connection and management, regardless of location
Categorize multiple branches and offices and assign private authorization
Multi-screen viewing
File transfer
Remote command "background" code execution.
Detailed software and hardware inventory
Network traffic tracking
It provides mission-critical, fast and encrypted remote connectivity for maximum data security. With this connectivity, your computer can be connected securely with Internet access anywhere, can see user transactions and even control the computer as if it were at your desk. You can transfer files on demand. The data processing department can run the batch inventory file on any computer it wants.

IT Management
It lists the software installed on the computers. Thus, the data processing department can manage all the software installed on the system’s computers. Unlicensed or malicious software is prevented from affecting the system. The Remote Desktop & IT Management System reports on not only the software, but also the hardware capabilities of its computers. Hardware changes on its computers are reported immediately and unauthorized hardware changes can be intercepted. In addition, these reports make it easy to select compatible parts during hardware updates.

Who should opt for it
It is the preference of any institution, such as Private Companies, Banks, Institutions, the Army, and Government Offices that wants to operate at the highest level of security. At the same time, Factories, Stores and Restaurant chains that do R&D prefer it. Ensure data security and avoid data loss. Receive user activity and performance reports. Offer IT support.

Among the biggest problems of our day is the leaking of important files belonging to the firm. The staff’s performance during the day and the IT department’s staff providing quick support.

DeskGate offers quick and secure solutions to all of these problems. You can provide quick support to companies and their subsidiaries. Usage You can start the service by installing DeskGate server software on one of the servers in your head office. Or you can easily activate the service on the virtual server by downloading one of the virtualization files prepared for you