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DeskGate File Backup System

It is not important where you are located. Secure your files with DeskGate backup

Backup System

Regular and continuous backup and security against cyber attacks, earthquakes, floods, fire, theft and staff errors.
With the Backup System, you automatically backup the files on staff computers at the intervals you specify, and the data is stored encrypted.
All the files in the target folder that you specify will be automatically backed up at the desired time intervals within the rules you create.
Backup is a dynamic process and data is continuously backed up.
The company’s authorized users can specify the backup frequency, destination files, and backup location via the easy-to-use interface.
By making various configurations in the backup function according to your own preferences, you can prevent duplicate files from being backed up..
Your backup system can send your files to multiple locations that you specify. Because these locations are locations that are under your care, your files cannot be accessed by third parties.

Data security: Violations and loss are often the things that companies face. It is possible that such data loss situations can be avoided. For this reason, it is important for companies both to protect their data as well as not allow it to be leaked.

DeskGate Backup System: It gives you full protection in these situations. By automatically backing up the operating system files specified on the computers of your employees working both inside and outside the company. You protect your computer against unforeseen errors, such as loss through theft of the computer.

Backup: Rules regarding the selection of the files to be backed up can be predefined. With these rules, files that do not need to be backed up are eliminated and unnecessary space loss is avoided on the backup drive. Backup System can back up data to more than one location at the same time. Data backed up to more than one location is protected from both hackers and physical threats such as fire and flood.

In case of any disaster, you can restore your system to working order quickly by restoring all your data from these locations.