Employee Monitoring and Security Management software. Everything you need for security software


Remote Connection & IT Help Desk

Provide secure remote access to users' computers. Manage software installed on computers and control the hardware properties of the computer.

Staff Monitoring and User Tracking

Maximize data security by managing staff file operations, the websites they visit, files they delete or copy, certain situations demanding data security, and the programs they use.


Technical Support / IT Help Desk

Record, manage and report on-site help and support needs through the Ticket System. It is the preference of teams who want to follow the operations within the company / institution, to increase the efficiency of the work carried out and to save time.


File Backup

Provide regular and continuous backup and security against cyber attacks, earthquakes, floods, fire, theft and staff errors. With the Backup System, you automatically backup the files onto staff computers at the intervals you specify, and the data is stored encrypted.

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Who uses our products: institutions, companies and branches

It is the preference of any institution, such as Private Companies, Banks, Institutions, the Army, and Government Offices that wants to operate at the highest level of security.
DeskGate gives you full authority over your computers. You can manage multiple branches from a single place.

It allows detailed reporting of such things as data security, data theft, remote connectivity, support and ticket management, staff monitoring, pc monitoring, multi-screen monitoring, web activities, program activity and time processes, USB transfers, details of correspondence, activities, staff performance, and inventory.
It has many other advanced features such as the ability to block and ban.
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