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About Us

DeskGate Technology
We have been developing projects in the software sector in Istanbul since 1996 and formally established our company in 2005 ensuring our place in the software sector. We have many public and corporate customers, both domestic and foreign. Our services, particularly in Istanbul and Ankara, include data security, remote connection solutions, multi-screen processing, data theft prevention against advanced threats, protection of sensitive data, staff activity monitoring, measurable staff performance reports, user behavioral monitoring and developing software making help methods for IT staff easier.

Our Goal:
As an institution, we always aim to be innovative. At the heart of all of our goals is the principle of providing better service to our customers. We aim to reach more users by expanding our network. Thanks to our expert staff, we are always proud of being a leading company in our sector. In this regards, we continue to invest in staff development and new technology monitoring and implementation. We plan to protect and improve our ability to offer all kinds of software support.

The Technologies We Implement:
We develop our software products with great care and we are always revamping ourselves in order to serve you better. In our developments, we use appropriate infrastructure for each platform according to today's requirements, and we use many active programming languages, such C, C++, Delphi and C#, and JS.

CEO; Turan Can
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