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We are managing the development and worldwide distribution of the DesktopGate software as DeskTop.
•Do you have a firm selling computers or software?
• Are you satisfied with the DesktopGate software?
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If you are a member of the IT sector, then you are certainly aware of the advantages of personnel monitoring software for the companies.

What about recommending DesktopGate which is a software developed in Turkey but used throughout the world to your current customer portfolio?

Provide the opportunity for your customers to earn income thanks to the benefits of DesktopGate while generating income for your own behalf by means of selling DesktopGate to your customers.

How does it work?
Becoming a dealer is quite easy.

• You shoul promote DesktopGate software in the best way.
• You should be broad-minded in order to offer the most convenient solution to the customer.
• You shoul be registered.

More detailed information on our dealer program.
• There is no minimum sales requirement within a limited period of time.

• You need to advise the customer to fill in relevant documents in order to aviod of misuse of the software. You can send such documents to us online.
•you can receive the licences via e-mail and forward them electronically.
• You will receive licence keys within a few hours under normal conditions. .
• You can pay by credit card, paypal, as remittance or cash.

We kindly request the following form to be filled in by the ones who want to become a dealer.

Some sales information and materials will be sent to you following the approval.