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In the PC List section; The agent shows the user list that is installed. By editing, you can move PCs to different groups, you can give a new name. Here you can see the IP address, mac address, remote Id of the user.
In the Group List section; is the section that will set up reports from users. Defauld is an indelible group and the PCs will automatically be in the Defauld group when the agent is installed. You can direct users to the group you want by saying lend Add New Group Üst at the top.
Group Features:
Screen: RDP Remote connection support.
Multiscreen: Multi-screen monitoring feature.
Record: Video recording feature.
File: File transfer feature.
Web: Web site entries entered.
Web block: Banned or allowed web addresses.
Chat: Chat initiation with users.
Report: Advanced reports.
App: Used program registration.
Used: Network and bandwidth used.
Global: General settings and information. (Soon)
Calander: Date Time Operations. (Soon)
Scheduled: Scheduled tasks. (Soon)
Exlist: All correspondence made.
Usb: Usb / memory stick transaction records.
Copy: Copied text and file records.
Fix: System info You can get detailed information about HDD, CPU, RAM and more.
Desk: User-side support feature. The user appears as a mini icon in the lower right corner of the PC.
Authorized & Definitions section; You can add an administrator according to your purchased license. This section contains your login settings and authorizations to your management panel.
Create a new administrator by name, surname, mail and password can specify.
    Administrator privileges (in Selected Groups):
Remote: Remote monitoring
Remote view: Hidden monitoring
Multi Screen: Multi-screen monitoring
Video Record: Video recording monitoring
File Manager: File manager / transfer
Chat Start: Chat start
Conferance: Start a conference
Security Scan: Security scan
Report Lite: Reports
Report Normal: Normal reports
Report Full: Full report
Shared File: Shared reports
Used Access: Changing / deleting users
Group Access: Interrupting groups
In the Desk Support section; You can see support requests from users. (By activating the Desk feature from the group list) Here you can see the incoming message, title, status and date. You can filter by selecting date ranges. You can also download the cast with ”Export Excel Ayrýca.
In the Video Recording section; Mause is sensitive to the movement of the recorded data section you see. You can view the file size, user name and date-time in detail. (By activating the Record option in the group list)
In the URL Prohibited / Permitted section; You can specify a category by saying siniz Add New Group itel and you can allow / prohibit websites that you do not want users to enter.
You can enter the name of the site that you do not want to enter by clicking Add Sub-Definition.
After performing this process, you can simply save the web address you want to forbid from "Banned Domain List" section.
n the User Statistics Summary section; You can see the total time spent by users on the PC, the most visited program / sites and harddisk fullness. You can limit the date, you can download this report as Word, PDF and Excel.
In the Inventory Summary section; Users can view the inventory features, filtering, Word, PDF, Excel, you can download.
In the Desk Chart section; You can see the most connected, supported user in the form of a chart table, select a date range, change the graph shape, and download it as an Export Excel file.
In the Program Graphic section; Shows the programs that the user actively uses in the form of a graph table. Top 10 and more options, you can change the date range, you can change the graph shape, you can download as Export Excel.
In the Url Chart section; This is the section that shows the most visited web pages. Top 10 and more options, you can change the date range, you can change the graph shape, you can download as Export Excel.
In the group Activity area; This is the section where you can see the working times of users on the PC. Top 10 and more options, you can change the date range, you can change the graph shape, you can download as Export Excel.
In the Network Traffic section; Incoming and outgoing data, port, program name, and what you can see as a chart table is the user. (By activating ”Used) in the group list)
In the Network Traffic Detail section; Incoming and outgoing data, port, program name and which user can see in detail. (By activating ”Used) in the group list)
In Performance section; How much work has been done at the beginning of the user's PC is scoring according to the time zone. You can see total minutes, passive minutes and active minutes.
In the Desk List section; It is a detailed reporting section of the time you support users. Ex. depending on how long to which user. You can also download records with Export Excel, you can see it in Excel table