DesktopGate Client
DesktopGate Administrator Module
You can control DesktopGate clients (PCs of the employees) inside or outside the office thanks to this program. .DesktopGate Administrator software is used to display the computers of the personnel and previous activity reports by connecting to Desktop Gate Server inside or outside the company.
You need the IP address of the server and an authorized DesktopGate user account to connect to the Desktop Gate Server software.
You can adjust the access authorizations of the administrators by means of using DesktopGate Manager.
Preview Outlook
You can display the screens of your employers taking charge in all kinds of departments as a preview after the connection with DesktopGate Server is ensured.
You can perform the following activities and more by means of clicking the screen views.

Controlling options
•Access to a remote screen
•File transfer
•Instant informing
•Client information
•Activity reports for previous periods
•And many more extended features.

If you want to cancel or limit such features with one admin, then use DesktopGate Manager to change the authorizations.
DekstopGate allows simultaneous connection of more than one admin to the server, if required.

You can view the reports in relation with the previous periods by means of clinking on the "Reports" item in the Tools menu.
(F12) Click here to receive more detailed information.
Reports window records the transactions performed by the users of such computer. You can receive detailed information on the activities performed at a certain period of time by using such reports.

You can change screen preview dimensions and many other options through the Settings menu.