Become a distributor

Our search for qualified distributors is still going on in many countries.
• Do you have sufficient level of experience in the software market?
• Will you be able to devote sufficient energyfor the promotion and sales of DesktopGate?
• Will you be able to help the promotion of PR and marketing activities in your country?
• Do you have experience in performing sales for corporate customers through dealers?
• Do you have competent personnel or dealers to provide support for your customes?
• Are you looking for an extraordinary product to increase your income?

Start selling DesktopGate now
We provide you the opportunity of being a part of a great success story as the distributor of the desktopGate software in your territory.
We will provide support to you and answer all your questions with regard to sales when you become our business partner who is entitled to be a DesktopGate distributor.
The distributors promote DesktopGate sales by means of provising support to the customers in their oqn territories and offer customer satisfaction.
Take your position in the market which is developing in terms of employee monitoring and IT security as a part of DesktopGate distributor network.

How does it work?
Please send your firm presentation to us via e-mail.

Please attach the following.

• The country in which you carry on business
• Contact information of the relevant person
• The information with regard to the company history
•Customer profile
• Product profile
• The definition of the customer service to be provided
• Sales plan for DesktopGate in the relevant territory.

We will personally make contact with you for the next transactions after your application is assessed.

More detailed information on the distributorship
• Minimum licence restriction is stipulated initially. The amount varies depending on the territory you are situated.
• You can receive the licences via e-maik and send them electronically.
• You can automatically request the licence keys of your customerws from the specific order system.
• Licence keys are provided to you within 48 hours at the latest (It does not exceed a few hours under normal conditions).
• Payment: You receive a payment report on a monthly basis indicating your orders. The payment is made only through international money transfer.