DesktopGate Personnel Monitoring
Your branch offices may collect your office and plant at a single point thanks to DesktopGate's advanced server or monitor and administer from a multi-point.
Thanks to its developed Server, your data remain in the Company and you never remain loyal to out.
Multi-Screen Monitor, Screen Recording, Daily Activity Reports and with a lot more outstanding properties its the best on the subject DesktopGate.

Easy Use
You can control all your computers found in your office and remote branches with DesktopGate from a single point. You can control all activities made daily by personnel with its easy and safe use and you can take historical report. It is an easy program produced for administrators of each size of teams and team leaders. At the same time has an extremely powerful nature and is able to be personalized.

DesktopGate is very powerful with safe its Personnel Monitoring Server

Select the one that suits you the best with the best licensing model.

More Information

Remote Administration
Watch multiple and live
See what has been done on the back date

Employee Monitoring Software Features Watch all employees on a real-time basis
Monitor all company computers from a single window over the local network or internet.
View the manner of computer using. Record all messenger, Facebook, e-mail & chat history.
Remotely watch the screens of the users without making them feel it. Record all activities of the firm’s computers by means of using a secure connection in a single centre

Remotely manage the computers at your will
Multiple screen monitoring, remote control of "Real-Time Multi Screen", File transfer, Message delivery, Chat start-up, Office management, Multiple screen monitoring, Service and Task Manager control, Video recording, Inventory taking.

Obtain access to instant of past reports
Obtain access to instant of past reports. Clipboard, Used Programs, Visited websites, Daily activities, All correspondences written.

Provides multiple and live watching
Watch screens of personnel working thanks to the feature of Multi Screen "Multi Screen" from a single point simultaneous. Allow to follow users only at its sole discretion by making appointment of administrator.Thanks to feature of
DesktopGate Server, it provide opportunity of administration by connecting from the place desired by combining one or more agency at a single point.
Enhances Employees' Performance
Gives valuable information on how to use working personnel the computer.
This information plays an important role for companies to make performance assessments correctly.
It brings to light how much time is spent on which applications.
Activity Reports
It records all visited websites, messenger conversations, application history, movable medias and many other events on the computers of the personnel.
If required, it sends activity events to administrators as a notice.
Remote Access
It is easy and safe remote access solution to access PCs in the Office from the outside of the office.When authority is given, it is a remote access solution that may help the IT departments.
Thanks to this, installation and settings to the office computers can be made much easier.
Improvable properties
It can present solutions and reports opportunities special for you thanks to its improvable properties.
however DesktopGate can be installed easily by means of secret installation and cannot be removed without consent of the administrator by defining "Group Policy" settings.
Fast and Easy Installation
DesktopGate is composed of three main installation phase.
Server: is installed within avarage 10 - 20 min. and is configured with SQL.
Administrator: Installation phase is less than 1 minute.
Client: User section can be installed in less than 1 min. It can be also installed confidentially on special parameters.